Workshop Karenne Koo pada kelas Olah Tubuh dan Koreografi di Jurusan Tari

Karenne Koo dosen tamu dari Arizona berada di ISI Yogyakarta pada tanggal 14 Feb – 23 Feb, mengisi kelas Olah Tubuh yang diampu oleh Dr. Martinus Miroto dan Dra. Setyastuti, M.Sn, dan kelas Koreografi Solo dan Duet, dengan dosen pengampu Dr. Hendro Martono, M. Sn dan Dra. Setyastuti, M.Sn (di kelas A); dan Dr. Darmawan Dadijono, M. Sn dan Drs. Raja Alfirafindra, M. Hum (di kelas B).

Dalam kegiatan ini,  Karenne Koo mengatakan:

A very big thank you to Heni Winahyu and ISI Yogyakarta for inviting me to share Mettier-based Group Dance Improvisation with the students. In the 9 workshops this week with students from multiple departements, we explored many themes, including Organic Form (One Movement at a Time with Creative Pause; Body as Instrument; Unity of Sound and Movement; Dancing the Environment; Activity/Passivity and Dancing with Objects. Through all of these themes, the unifying concept is finding individual movements while cultivating the awareness of the group. Lesson progressions were structured to give students a chance to find their own individual movements, then relatimg to a partner, a small group and finally to a larger group.

Workshop yang diberikan oleh Karenne Koo mencakup tema-tema:

Organic movement at a time with creative pause. Individually, in small group, and in larger groups








Exploring how different body parts move


















Body parts connected back-to-back






Dancing the Environment: creating a changing the space





Penilaian Karenne Koo pada para mahasiswa Jurusan Tari dan mahasiswa Pendidikan Seni Pertunjukan:

ISI Yogyakarta students were open and enthusiastic, unfraid to try all of the movement studies. After-class discussions were filled with thoughtful comments and questions. We talked about what it means to have individual movement freedom yet at the same time feeling what the group body needs; the control and sensitivity required to contribute positively to a group, different and new ways to move our bodies; how to apply abstract qualities from the physical world around us. Students asked for more clarification about breathing; how to know when to lead or follow; and why lesson progressions were presented in a certain way. These comments and questions are evidence that the students were focused and fully present during the workshops.

I am so grateful to the students attention and to the faculty for their support and assistance. It has been a very quick, but rewarding, week for me.

Sampai bertemu lagi Karenne Koo….

(dok. Jurusan Tari)