During this past decade, the Graduate Program of the Yogyakarta Indonesia Institute of the Arts (ISI) has proven its quality in anticipating the advancement of science, technology and arts in global era and has managed to respond towards the community’s high interest on participating in arts education in the graduate level.

The Arts Creation and Arts Study Program, which holds an A grade from the National Accreditation Board, is confirmed by the permit issued by the Directorate General for Higher Education of the National Education Department No. 1462/D/T/2004 on 21th of April 2004.

Until the end of the 2008/2009 academic year,  The Arts Creation and Arts Studies Program has graduated 335 magisters that came from various arts and non-art universities, also some artists from across Indonesia.

The commitment of the Graduate Program of ISI Yogyakarta is to optimize performances that oriented to the intellectual, sophistication, and the advancement of arts in order to fulfill societies needs. Thus, we invite all bachelors from arts or non-arts universities to join us.

Study Programs and Interests

Tthe Graduate Program of ISI Yogyakarta consist two studying levels, a master (S-2) and doctoral (S-3) program. The Arts Creation and Arts Studies Program holds two study interests: (1) Arts Creation and (2) Arts Studies.

Aim of Study  

The Arts Creation and Arts  Studies Program of ISI Yogyakarta aims to yield graduates who:

  • Have good personalities that are based upon the cultural values of Indonesia
  • Capable to create and analyze works of arts contextually and professionally
  • Capable to develop art works and scientific works creatively and innovatively
  • Capable to contribute their expertise to the community


The Graduate Program of ISI Yogyakarta is located in Suryodiningratan Street No. 8, Yogyakarta, that is why this campus is often called the Surya Campus. It is located upon a 10,000 m2 land. Its location is so strategic because it is still in the downtown area, however it is not noisy and is relatively peaceful, shady, and comfortable for academic activities. The scenic and peaceful atmosphere of Surya Campus is hoped to help the students in increase the creativity and create great masterpieces .



Each faculty has most of the studios used for practicing, whether it is the studio for art performances,  fine arts, or multi media arts. However for practical reasons and create a condusive academic environment, some of small studios are in Surya Campus, i.e. painting, sculpturing, woodcraft, ceramic craft, dance and musical studios.

Recently, a number of small studios, i.e. visual communication design, textile, craft, and photography were built in order to meet the increasing number of students. In 2009, all academic administative matters was computerized. Also in the same year, a free Wi-fi facility was provided, even the campus’ website was socialized. This year, all of the class room are air-conditioned.


Most of the book collection is at the ISI Yogyakarta Central Library, nevertheless a number of  books that are useful for the students are provided in the Library of the Graduate Program.

Scientific Journals

Since 2005 the Graduate Program of ISI Yogyakarta has published a journal called Surya Seni. This journal is issued every semester and contains an article of the student theses and other scientific writings on arts creation and studies. Apart from Surya Seni, ISI Yogyakarta also has a number of scientific journals that are published by each faculty and units, e.g. SENI  (by the Institute), Ekspresi  and Fenomen (by the Research Department), Resital , Joged, Tonil, Slonding (by the Performing Arts Department), ARS (Fine Arts Department), and Rekam (Multi Media Arts Department). All of these scientific journals are good references that provide actual data on the diversity of art and culture.

Admissions Systems  

Academic Requirements

  • Holding a Bachelor degree in arts or art-education. Candidates from non-arts deparment who have experiences in creating artworks and or studying arts are also welcomed to apply.
  • Holding an academic competencies and have ever created artworks, and is considered to be able to follow the master academic process with a minimum GPA of 2.75

Administrative Requirements

  • Submit a written application letter by filling in the admission form provided at the Graduate Program of ISI Yogyakarta at
  • Submit the enclosures (2 copies) of required in the application form as follow:
  • Bachelor Degree (S1) diploma and legalized academic transcripts
  • Two copies of recommendation letters from a lecturer or professional who acknowledges the candidate’s academic abilities
  • Portfolios or video recordings in the form of CDs/DVDs of the artworks that has been shown at an exhibition /performance minimum 2 pieces in the last three years (required for applicants for the Arts Creation)
  • Copied of research papers/scientific publications, minimum 2 paperworks for the last three years (required for applicants for the Arts Studies)
  • A short description about the candidate interest to take the graduate program. The description should contain reasons and expectations also the project that the candidates would do after they graduate
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Permit from the institution of the candidate
  • Doctor’s certificate
  • Receipts from the admission fee of 250,000.00 IDR paid via Rektor ISI Yogyakarta Acc. No.: 0030440945 BNI 46 Branch Yogyakarta, Jln. Parangtritis No. 120, Yogyakarta

For foreigners candidate besides the requirements mentioned in no. 1 and 2 must:

  • Submit a special permit from the Directorate General of the National Education Board of Indonesia
  • Submit a legal letter of bachelor degree leveling in Indonesia from  the National Education Board of Indonesia
  • Fluently in Indonesia language

Admission Procedure

  • Paying the admission fee (via BNI 46) in order to get the admission form from the Education and Student Department Graduate Program of ISI Yogyakarta (plus shipping fee for those who wish the form to be posted).
  • Submit a written Application Letter by filling in the form and sending it to the Director of the Graduate Program of ISI Yogyakarta. Enclose all the needed requirements, both academic and administrative requirements, and send them with the application letter.
  • Register as a New Student by showing the Letter of Approval from the Director of the Graduate Program of ISI Yogyakarta.
The Curriculum Of The Arts Creation (42 Credits)
First Semester (14 Credits) Art Theory (2) – Art Creation Methodology (2) – Art Management I (2) – Elective Practical Courses I (2) – Elective Theoretical Courses*adj. (2) – Art Creation I*adj. (4)
Second Semester (12 Credits) Aesthetics (2) – Art Criticism (2) – Arts Creation Seminar I*adj. (2) – Elective Practical Courses II *adj. (2) – Arts Creation II (4)
Third Semester (8 Credits) Arts Management II (2) – Arts Creation Seminar II (2) – Arts Creation III *adj. (4)
Fourth Semester (8 Credits) Final Project (8 Credits)*adj.


The Curriculum Of The Arts Studies (42 Credits)
First Semester (14 Credits) Art Theory (2) – The History of Arts (2) – The Anthropology of Arts (2) – Elective Practical Courses I (2) – Elective Theoretical Courses*adj. (2) – Arts Studies I*adj. (4)
Second Semester (12 Credits) Aesthetics (2) – Art Criticism (2) – Theory of Culture*adj. (2) – Elective Arts Analysis Methodology II *adj. (2) – Arts Studies II (4)
Third Semester (8 Credits) Arts Management II (2) – Arts Analysis Seminar II (2) – Arts Studies III*adj. (4)
Fourth Semester (8 Credits) Final Project (8 Credits)*

Elective Theoretical Courses  

Only in Odd Semesters:  The History of Arts – The Anthropology of Arts – The Sociology of Arts – Theory of Communications – Semiotics

Elective Practical Courses

Odd Semester: Movement Explorations, Sound Explorations, Expressive Pictures, The Art of the Renaissance, Digital Photography, and Multi-media Presentation Methodology

Even Semester: Art Performance –Exploration of Form/Shape – Variations of Jewelry – Computer Graphic – B/W Photography – Video Creating-Editing

*adj.  the courses are adjusted with the main choice of study concentration: Dance/ Music/Theater Art Performance

Painting/Sculpture/Graphic Design /Woodcraft /Metal works /Ceramic Craft/ Textile /Leather Works/Interior Design/Visual Communication Design/ Fine Arts


Prof. Drs. Soeprapto Soedjono, MFA, PhD – Prof. Dr. Sumandiyo Hadi,MA – Prof Drs. SP. Gustami, SU – Prof. Dr. A.M. Hermien Kusmayati – Prof. Drs. Triyono Bramantyo PS, MEd, PhD –Prof. Dr Victor Ganap, M.Ed., Prof. Drs. M. Dwi Marianto, MFA, Ph.D. – Dr. M. Agus Burhan, MA – Prof. Dr. Djohan, M.Sc. – Prof. Dr. Hj. Yudiaryani, MA – Dr. Rina Martiara, MA. – Prof. Dr. I Wayan Dana, SST, M.Hum. – Prof. Dr. Kasidi  Hadi Prayitno, M.Hum. – Dr . Ir. Yulriawan Dafri, MA. – Dr. Timbul Raharjo, MA- Dr. Suastiwi,March.

Additionally, there are some professionals or experts in performance arts, fine arts, and multi media arts that are assigned to assist the students in the studio.

Guest Faculty

Dr. G.R. Lono Hastoro Simatupang, M.A. – Drs Suparwoto, M.Sn., Krisbudiman, M.Hum. – Krishna Murti (New Media Artist), S. Setiawan Hon. EFPSI, EFIAP, ARPS (Photographer) – Tantyo Sukadar (Photographer) – Sutanto Mendut (Artist)

Admission Date and Selection

For candidates sponsored by BPPS: February – April

For candidates sponsored by institution/self-funded: February – July

The selection is based upon:

(1) Academic competencies, (2) creativity, (3) completeness of the admission requirements, (4) suitability between the chosen concentration and the education background, and (5) the school’s capacity

Students will know the selection results when they receive a notification letter from the Director of the Graduate Program of ISI Yogyakarta on August, they may also check it on the website:

Tuition Fee  

The tuition fee for each semester is 5,000,000,00 IDR, and the tuition fee for foreigners are 10,000,000,00 IDR.

Candidates who are lecturers from public or private universities who wish to get Graduate Education Fund (BPPS) is obliged to fill in the form that can be downloaded via