INSTITUT SENI INDONESIA YOGYAKARTA akan menyelenggarakan konferensi internasional ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF ARTS, HUMANITIES, AND TECHNOLOGY pada 5 – 6 November 2020 di Yogyakarta secara online.
Makalah yang diterima akan dipublikasikan dalam proseding dan terindeks SCOPUS.
Konferensi ini terdiri dari ARCADESA (International Symposium of Arts Craft and Design in South East Asia) dan ICONARTIES (International Conference on Interdisciplinary Arts and Humanities).

Abstract submission deadline : June 30, 2020
Acceptance notification : July 10, 2020
Full Paper submission deadline : August 30, 2020
Full Paper Acceptance Notification : September 30, 2020
Payment and Registration : October 1 – 14, 2020
Conference Date
ARCADESA : November 5, 2020
ICONARTIES : November 6, 2020


Telp. : +6287738519289 (Bambang Pramono)
Email : arcadesa@isi.ac.id/bambangpramono@isi.ac.id
Website : http://arcadesa.isi.ac.id

Telp. : +62 8562543431 (Samuel Gandang)
Email : iconarties@isi.ac.id/gandang@isi.ac.id
Website : http://iconarties.isi.ac.id

Ruang lingkup konferensi ARCADESA (International Symposium of Arts Craft and Design in South East Asia) meliputi RESEARCH/CREATION IN VISUAL ARTS (visualization; interactive arts; digital photography; motion graphic; stagecraft; studio art, ceramics; drawing, painting; sculpture; print media; fibers and material practices), APPLIED ARTS (architecture; fashion design and textile; graphic design; industrial design; interior design), ART IN SOCIETY (art history; art curration and conservation; art, society and social media; liberal arts; area studies and cultural studies; art and museum management; contemporary arts practice; information and museum studies; classical arts), NEW TECHNOLOGY AND ARTS (moving pictures: cinema, film, television, video; multimedia; design technologies; spatial and architectonic arts; online cultures; social networks and the arts; multimedia; mixed media and multimodal arts; the creative technology on industries in a post-industrial or knowledge society; digital media arts), ART TECHNOLOGY IN SOCIETY (digital preservation and curation on arts ; digital art conservation; art, society and social media; art and museum technology; contemporary digital arts practice; digital folkloristic/computation for cultural heritage domains)
Sedangkan ruang lingkup ICONARTIES (International Conference on Interdisciplinary Arts and Humanities) meliputi ART EDUCATION (teaching and learning arts practices; multimodal literacies, multiliteracies in arts education; literacy and the literary; arts pedagogies; art history: purpose and pedagogy; creative arts in the humanities; art as self-inquiry), RESEARCH / CREATION IN VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS (dance, drama, film, theatre; music, music education, music and technology; jazz, classical music, popular music; sound design, electroacoustic music; sound art, soundscape), HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES (anthropology; archaeology; history; political science; sociology; cultural studies; languages; geography; literature and related disciplines; law and justice; philosophy and religion; political science; reconciliation and peace building), ART IN SOCIETY (art history; folk and traditional arts; creative writing; literature and linguistics), JOURNALISM, MEDIA AND MASS COMMUNICATIONS (media concepts, theories and methods; journalism and the news; media’s role in public relations and marketing; media and youth; insights into world issues; studies involving social media; insights into social issues; media platform and genre studies), INTERDICIPLINARY HUMANITIES (area studies; ecological humanities; ethno-cultural studies; gender and women’s studies; library studies; museology; health humanities; medical humanities).