Number: 1176 / 1T4 / PP / 2020


Alertness and Prevention of Corona Pandemic Spread in the Environment of the Indonesia Institute of the Arts (ISI) Yogyakarta

In response to the Circular of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Number 35492 / A.A5 / HK / 2020 Regarding Prevention of Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19), Rector of ISI Yogyakarta set further steps to prevent the spread of the Corona pandemic in the ISI Yogyakarta environment as follows:

  1. Remind and encourage all lecturers, students, and education staff to practice and civilize a Clean and Healthy Lifestyle in accordance with the guidelines given by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia;
  2. Teaching and Learning activities continue to run by implementing the following policies:
    1. Starting from Monday, March 16th to Saturday, March 28th, 2020, changed the form of face-to-face lectures to online learning (online learning system).
    1. Not to carry out Classical learning. The lecturers can give weekly assignments to students whose results can be reported to lecturers in the courses using WhatsApp or e-mail.
    1. Practical learning is carried out independently in each student’s house or private studio. The lecturers give independent assignments to students to make work or deepen the material at home or in their respective studios. The results of independent work can be reported to the lecturers of the course by e-mail or WhatsApp.
    1. To guarantee the learning process, the lecturers are advised to make WAG (WhatsApp Group), LINE, Instagram, and other similar applications for each subject to facilitate coordination and giving assignment.
    1. Consultation or guiding the final project can be carried out online by e-mail, WhatsApp, or other similar applications.
    1. Field lectures, professional orientation studies, and similar lectures were postponed.
  3. The implementation of research and community service activities that involve data collection and community activities, can be rescheduled and adjusted to the development of the situation;
  • All lecturers, students, and education staff are asked to postpone or reschedule various activities that cause a large crowd (exhibitions, performance, screening, workshops and seminars) and adjusted according to developments of the situation;
  • All lecturers. students, and education staff are requested to postpone or reschedule domestic and overseas trips. Deans, the Director of the Postgraduate Program, the Head of Departments and Study Programs are asked to coordinate with partner universities abroad to find the best possible solution to the administrative and academic consequences of this delay.
  • This Circular also applies to PSDKU ISI Yogyakarta in East Kalimantan (ISBI Kalimantan Timur) – PSDKU ISI Yogyakarta in Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Arts and Culture Academy Community).

Aside from the things mentioned above, ISI Yogyakarta continues to carry out its activities as usual, while waiting for further developments related to the Corona pandemic. May the Almighty God always bestow His mercy to us all. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

                                                                                          Yogyakarta, March 13th, 2020


                                                                                          Prof. Dr. M. Agus Burhan, M.Hum                                                                                           NIP 196004081986011001