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As the oldest Institutions of Higher Education and the most comprehensive arts in Indonesia, Indonesia Institute of the Arts in Yogyakarta has successfully answered the challenge and responded the development of arts and cultural education needing for wide society either nationally or internationally. For more than a quarter century, this institute also succeed the national education program from the government by implementing the arts education program of master degree. Indonesia Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta always works hard and has proven in maintaining an academic commitment to keep improving the quality of students and the graduates either on the field of scientific or their professional competence.

Indonesia Institute of the Arts in Yogyakarta has three faculties and eleven departments as well as master degrees interesting in the term of learning processes and related activities. Through the experienced lectures and administrative staff, Indonesia Institute of the Arts in Yogyakarta offers arts education programs starting from degree level to doctorate through the main orientation in the areas of Creation and the Arts Assessment. Overall, Indonesia Institute of Arts has 11 undergraduate study programs and 1 postgraduate study program including master and doctoral level in various specialized fields of arts.

Additionally, one of the important developments is the increase of the interest in postgraduate study program. Until now, there are 450 students of master and doctorate level and 2500 undergraduate students. The knowledge and skills provided has achieved national cross with cross-cultural character. Thus, to progress in the future, the quality as well as interest and activities academic will be oriented towards the criteria and standards of the World Class. To achieve the aspired progress, Indonesia Institute of the Arts in Yogyakarta has conducted various co-operations, create networks, and collaborate with educational institutions abroad, either at the level of Southeast Asia, Asia, Europe or America. In general, the main activity includes the fields of research, creation, performance, exhibition as well as the exchange of lecturers, staffs, and students.

Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta in various ways has become the model for all the arts colleges in Indonesia. Besides getting support from similar universities in Indonesia, Indonesia Institute of Arts in Yogyakarta also attracts many people to pursue and obtain high education in the field of cultural arts. The part of “Leadership” role in this high education of arts has shown how Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta has succeeded to fulfil the demands and needs of the Indonesia people. And particularly, it gives attention to the quality of the arts knowledge through the cooperation with the graduate or alumni who have been scattered and have important positions in various state or private institutions in all areas of Indonesia.

Indonesia Institute of the Arts in Yogyakarta was established based on conservation efforts and innovation in the field of arts and culture which is continuously supported by the government. So, the purpose of this institution is opening new land, discover, strengthen, and disseminate knowledge in harmony with the values and ethics through its graduates who have a conscience and intelligence. The most significant is the knowledge which is contributed to the welfare of individuals and society largely through various branches of the arts field as a medium to behave and live.

As a standard ethic, Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta still consider that all graduates must always have knowledge, curiosity, constructive initiative, prudence, reason, sense of responsibility, visionary, moral, and devotion for the wide community.

Principles and Objectives

Postgraduate Program in the Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta offers a Master of Arts in the field of Arts Management by three interests (concentrations), they are: Culture and Tourism Management, Performing Arts Management, and Visual Arts Management oriented in asset management of culture and art.

These programs will start in September 2011 to give the opportunity for candidate students become the leaders in arts and cultural organizations as well as tourism with more systematically, creatively, and having exercises focused on the interests of society. This is the program for those who are also involved in the management of heritage and cultural resources.

The purpose of the Arts Management program is to prepare students in order to be able to become the leader of arts organizations who move dynamically, face the changes and global environment. Arts management is a new field of study and known as a discipline and cross-department profession based on the unique capacities of teaching and research needs.

Expertise and the need of field of arts management increase greatly in the community when the government and private sectors try to improve its role in order to respond the challenge about the quick changes of social and economic environment in the arts and culture organization (The Cultural Park, Tourism, Museums, Galleries, traditional house, etc.).

Field of cultural arts has a wide definition including performing arts, museums and cultural heritage, entertainment and tourism fields. In order to optimize the potential and performance of culture field, strengthening on the managerial sector is the main priority.

Previously, many colleges offer the program of management and human resources in general, especially at the degree level. However, government and society in everywhere need the qualified human resources in the terms of management, especially human resources which are able to manage the assets of the nation’s cultural arts professionally and become a visionary people. Therefore, the Indonesia Institute of Arts in Yogyakarta start the Arts Management programs at post graduated level in order to produce the graduates who qualified in methods and techniques of management for a manager of cultural arts in accordance with his/her position.

This Arts Management program will equip graduates with the relevant management skills in business and the environment according to their job everyday.

Related Faculty

Master in Arts Management Program in the Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta

is supported by:

  • Faculty of Performing Arts of Indonesia Institute of Arts Yogyakarta
  • Faculty of Fine Arts of Indonesia Institute of Arts Yogyakarta
  • Faculty of Record Media Arts of Indonesia Institute of Arts Yogyakarta
  • Postgraduate of Indonesia Institute of Arts Yogyakarta
  • Faculty of Economics and Business of Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta
  • Faculty of Economics of Atma Jaya University Yogyakarta
  • Master in Arts Management Program, Osaka City University (in progress)

Organized Board

  • Director Postgraduate of the Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta
  • Dean of Faculty of Performing Arts of the Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta
  • Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts of the Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta
  • Dean of Faculty of Media Record Arts of the Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta
  • Managers of Postgraduate and Doctorate Program of the Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta
  • Head of Music, Dance, Karawitan, Theatre, and Puppetry department
  • Head of Fine Arts, Design, and Craft department
  • Head of Television and Photography department

Manager of study program

  • Head of department: Prof. Dr. Djohan, M.Sc.
  • Secretary: Yohana Ari Ratnaningtyas, Bch.Ec., M.Sc


Masters in Arts Management is an interdisciplinary program with duration of education time for 4 semesters. Lectures are conducted from Monday to Friday on a weekday.

This study program is designed to reach world-class program. The lecturers in this program have had a postgraduate qualification and experience in their field. In the future, this study program will have cooperation in exchange the lecturers and students with several similar study programs from abroad.

The education system in this study program is conducted with a combination of lectures, seminars, case studies, field study, and analytical discussions. The elements taught include the today circumstances of Arts Management, Human Resource Management, Finance and Funding Strategy, Legal, Marketing, Policy-Making, Decision Making and Education in the field of arts and culture.

Program – Master in Arts Management, Degree – Master in Arts Management


The study program of Master in Arts Management Art is divided in 3 concentrations:

  • Culture and Tourism Management
  • Performing Arts Management
  • Visual Arts Management

Culture and Tourism Management:

Focus on tourism philosophy, history and tourism development, sustainable tourism, related law and ethics, comparative analysis of various types of cases in the tourism, cultural influences in different levels, planning and marketing, tourism management.

Performing Arts Management:

Associated with the development, organization and performing arts management, performing arts’ role in changing society, appreciation of performing arts in various forms which is focus on Southeast Asia and Asia, systematic criticism, structure, marketing, financial support, the tendency of audiences including law and intellectual property rights, employment opportunities, and rights protection of the artists.

Visual Arts Management:

Covering the theory and aesthetic principles, fine art works expert, arts critic & appreciation,        creative industry development, leadership on fine art organization & management, relics conservation, museum & gallery activities management, legal issues & intellectual rights, cooperation between artists and their environment

Career Opportunities

The study program of Master in Arts Management Art consists of 4 semesters in order to obtain a solid education and discipline in preparation for executive positions in arts management. The study program is designed to support the professional development of the work related to the aspects of art and culture at the manager level through expertise and leadership organization that is devoted to the advancement of art, culture and heritage.

This study program is very attractive to those seeking or developing career in the field of performing arts and theatre, fine arts, and tourism.

Culture and Tourism Management:

For those who are responsible toward the tourism policy-making, leadership of tourism companies, tour managers, tourism officials and tour guides.

Performing Arts Management:

For those who are involved in performing arts and theatre, such as managers and event-organizer of cultural arts industry, movie producers, actors, dancers, designers, composers, and musicians.

Visual Arts Management:

For those who are responsible for both profit and non profit cultural art organization s such as museums, libraries of arts and culture, cultural parks and galleries.
Terms and Qualifications of Candidates

Candidate Qualification

Study program of Master in Arts Management is opened for all study fields which have:

  • A degree level certificate (S-1)
  • Having experience in the field of cultural arts at least 1 year
  • Have a Standard English language skill


  • Tuition Fee Rp28 millions (4 semesters + matriculation)
  • Selection is done at any time and the results are valid for 2 (two) years
  • All prospective students must follow the matriculation

Registration System

Prospective students can come directly to the office of Master in Arts Management study program to take and fill out the registration form, or download on the website: http//

Documents Candidates

All candidates must include a written brief biography (curriculum vitae) on 2-3 pages describing the educational background, study programs, work experiences, current activities, publications, research interest in arts management, as well as the ideals and hopes of the future.

List of Candidates Document

  • Registration form
  • Photos 3×4 cm (4 sheets)
  • Photocopies of the last certificate
  • Transcripts
  • Certificate and licence from the institution (for scholarships from the institution)
  • Photocopies of identity (ID card)
  • TOEFL test results (for those who already have)
  • Two  Recommendations from lecturers, artists, cultural arts expert or superiors
  • Biographical Essays
  • Registration fee Rp. 250.000,00

Study Plan

The study program of Master in Arts Management Art consists of 4 semesters with a range of interdisciplinary aspects. Students may choose one of two lines of study:

Line A (Thesis)

By choosing this path, students must take 36 credits consisting of:

  • 7 compulsory subjects (21 credits)
  • 3 concentration study programs (9 credits)
  • A thesis (6 credits)

Line B (Non-Thesis)

By choosing this path, students must take 36 credits consisting of:

  • 7 compulsory subjects (21 credits)
  • 3 concentration study programs (9 credits)
  • A comprehensive exam (6 credits)

They have an opportunity to conduct a comparative study into tourist sites. The performing arts studios and buildings, also world galleries/museums.

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